Small Compline

Small Compline, in Greek


Small Compline is the basic evening service of monasteries, dating back at least to the 6th century.

You can find the text of Small Compline in contemporary English at Anastasis, and it is also available in traditional Church English from St Jonah’s Orthodox Church, Spring, TX.

The Greek text can be found at Analogion.

SMALL Compline is served on most nights of the year (i.e., those nights on which Great Compline is not served). On the eves of Sundays and feasts with All-Night Vigil, Compline may be either read privately or suppressed altogether. Among the Greeks, who do not normally hold an All-Night Vigil on Saturday evenings, Compline is said as normal.

The service is composed of three Psalms (50, 69, 142), the Small Doxology, the Nicene Creed, the Canon followed by It is Truly Meet, the Trisagion, Troparia for the day, Lord, have mercy (40 times), the Prayer of the Hours, the Supplicatory Prayer of Paul the Monk, and the Prayer to Jesus Christ of Antiochus the Monk. Then the mutual forgiveness and final blessing by the Priest. After this, there is a Litany and the veneration of Icons and Relics.

OrthodoxWiki. The numbering of the Psalms is according to the Septuagint, so for Protestant Bibles you will need to add 1 to each number (e.g. Ps 50 becomes Ps 51).

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  1. Hi Scott,

    Thanks very much for drawing my attention to this.

    I don’t know why they were removed; but happily, the same videos have been uploaded to YouTube by someone else, so they should work here too once more. Many thanks again.

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